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An inside look into the world of running and endurance sports as brought to you by those who live and breathe the sport. Each guest brings unique experiences and insight to the table in an enjoyable free flowing conversation that touches on anything from pop culture to pre-race day rituals.
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May 14, 2018

It's been over a year and a half since I last spoke with Jared and a lot has transpired in his career since then.  It was great to hear about Jared's life and what he's been up to in the running world.  Be sure to subscribe to the podcast for more content from runners from all disciplines of running!

May 7, 2018

After the Boston Marathon this year, one of the main storylines was...  Who is Sarah Sellers?  Sarah surprised the field on stormy day and in doing so inspired so many people across the US.  It was an honor to discuss Sarah's running journey with her and I was so happy to be able to chat with a fellow Utahn.  Enjoy the episode!!

Apr 30, 2018

Ali has the unique skill of making you instantly feel like you are her friend.  Her running journey, just like everyone's, is unique and very personal to her.  I was lucky enough to hear Ali talk about her struggles and how she overcomes them.  She was such an awesome guest.  Enjoy the conversation!

Apr 23, 2018

I had the honor of chatting with Eric Senseman fresh off of his Golden Ticket performance at the Lake Sonoma 50 miler.  It was so much fun hearing about his race and also hearing about his running journey and what he enjoys about the amazing sport of ultra running.  If you like what you heard please subscribe for more great content!

Apr 21, 2018

I had the privilege of discussing all things running with Mark and we talked about his journey into running and how it helped change his perspective on life and let him become the person that he always wanted to be.  Mark has some big goals and it was exciting listening to the passion he has for running and his love of the running community.  Enjoy!

Apr 16, 2018

I had the privilege of chatting with Emily about all things running and it was a blast.  We talked about her early running career, how she joined the Bowerman Track Club and helped pioneer the term "Bowerman Babes" as well as learned a lot about her reasons for running and what motivates her.  Emily is such an amazing person and was a joy to talk to.  If you liked this episode please hit the subscribe button for more great episodes!

Apr 9, 2018

I had the privilege to discuss all things running with Aaron Fletcher.  Aaron holds several course records here in Utah, most notably for the St. George Marathon.  I'm hoping to get the ever elusive BQ at St. George this year so I was super excited to chat with Aaron and learn about his running journey.  Enjoy!!

Apr 2, 2018

I had a blast discussing all things related to running with Courtney Frerichs.  It was a blast learning about how her gymnastic background has helped her and how her affiliation with the Bowerman Track Club has pushed her to new heights.  We discuss the importance of candy, the greatness of New Mexico, and so much more.  Enjoy!

Mar 26, 2018

I had the pleasure of chatting with Camille about all of her amazing running accomplishments.  Her 2017 was full of ups and downs and it's amazing how she continues to push the boundaries of what her body is capable of.  She is truly an inspiration.  Enjoy the episode!!

Mar 19, 2018

In this episode, Skyler and I analyze our first ever ultra marathon experience at the Red Mountain 55k.  We dive into the highs and lows of the race and hopefully give everyone a fun view of the world of trail races and ultras.  Enjoy!

Mar 12, 2018

I had the opportunity to chat with Zach Bitter, who holds the American record for fastest 100-Miler.  We chat about his love of running and what drives him.  Zach's drive and love for the sport is truly inspiring.


Mar 5, 2018

I had the opportunity of interviewing one of Amanda's athletes, Hannah Eden, about her fitness journey, and what has inspired her to help others.  Hannah's story is so captivating, and her energy so contagious, that you can't help but want to listen to her more and be swept up in her adventures.  Enjoy the show!

Feb 26, 2018

Kelly recently won the Tarawera 100k in New Zealand and straight crushed it.  She was a joy to talk to and her love of running is apparent.  Follow her on Instagram: @kel.lobo to learn more about her journey.

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Feb 19, 2018

I've been wanting to interview Aric and Joel for a while now since they were one of my early inspirations in the podcasting world.  Their easy going nature and love for life is contagious and I was really grateful that I was able to sit down with them to discuss their love of running as well as podcasting.  They put on a great show and know their stuff.

Feb 12, 2018

I had the privilege of catching up with Kara about her running career and how she's adapted to the changes in life.  She was an absolute joy to talk to and made me want to cheer for her even more.  Enjoy!  Be sure to hit the subscribe button to get more awesome episodes.

Feb 5, 2018

Jeff and I had been trying to lock down a time to do an interview for several months, and I'm so glad we were finally able to make it happen.  He was an absolute joy to talk to and his insights on running are awesome.  Such an inspiring guy to talk to and it's so cool that he's still running at an elite level.

Jan 29, 2018

For this episode I welcome back Skyler Fredrickson to discuss our year in running and what our plans are for the upcoming year.  Skyler takes a few moments to step into the interviewers chair and asks me some questions, and we share some running stories.

Jan 22, 2018

Robin Arzon is a beloved fixture of the running world and the fitness community.  After speaking with her, I completely understand why.  Her passion and love of running permeates everything she does, and it was so inspiring and fun talking with her.  Check her out on instagram @robinnyc and also go buy her book: "Shut Up & Run" online at Amazon.

I promise, you'll love it.



Jan 15, 2018

I had the privilege of chatting with Grayson about her running journey and the ups and downs of running and learning a new sport on the fly.  Grayson's love of running truly shines through and it's no surprise why she is succeeding.  Follow Grayson's running journey on Instagram: @racin_grayson

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Jan 8, 2018

I had the privilege of speaking with ultra runner Tim Freriks about his running journey and his big 2017.  We talked about his FKT at the Grand Canyon, his affiliation with Hoka, being a Coconino Cowboy and much much more.  Enjoy!

Jan 1, 2018

Molly Huddle is a runner that needs no introduction.  She is the American Women's 10k record holder and she is now working on improving her marathon time.  It was an honor speaking with her and being able to have her on the show to start the New Year.  I hope you all will enjoy the episode and get excited for an amazing year of running!

Dec 26, 2017

I had the privilege of chatting with James Breakwell, whom in the Twitter-verse is better known as @xploding unicorn.  I read an article about James in the November issue of Runner's World Magazine and I knew I needed to chat with him about life.  Such a good guy.  Follow James on Twitter if you want a daily does of good laughs.  Enjoy this episode!

Dec 18, 2017

I had the privilege of speaking with Ben and Stephanie Bruce, two amazing runners based out of Flagstaff, Arizona.  Not only are Ben and Stephanie married, but they are also members of the elite running team, Hoka's Northern Arizona Elite (NAZ Elite).  It was great chatting with them and learning about their running journey and how they balance their lives and support each other.  Enjoy the show!

Dec 11, 2017

I had the ultimate privilege of chatting with American running legend Ryan Hall about all of his post pro-running endeavors.  Ryan left his mark on the running world and it was amazing to chat with him and learn from him.  Ryan and his family are truly an inspiration to us all.

Dec 4, 2017

I had the privilege of chatting with Carrie Tollefson, former Olympian and host of the Youtube and podcast show C Tolle Run.  What an absolute joy to speak with her about life.  We learned about how her husband proposed to her, what inspired her to go into being a media personality, and about her "Year of the Bun" amongst other things.  Enjoy the show and be sure to follow Carrie and her show, C Tolle Run, on social media!

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